5 Reasons why Park Origin Thonglor is worth investing

5 Reasons investing Park Origin Thonglor

When it comes to an investment, Real estate has been the investors’ top choice for decades. Especially in Bangkok where there are plenty of luxury condos around the town for us to choose based on an investor’s income, interest, and investment purpose.


To scope down a little more, the forever prime location in Bangkok seems to be Thonglor and it is undeniable that Park Origin Thonglor is the first name people can think of for a luxury condo. Here is why you should consider investing at Park Origin Thonglor.

Park Origin Thonglor

5 Reasons why Park Origin Thonglor is worth investing.


1. Double the value

As mentioned above, Thonglor is the ultimate prime location in Bangkok for real estate. The land price in this area keeps increasing every year or even in a month due to the high demand. Major developers all wanted to grab the opportunity as you can see construction sites growing along the street like trees. And with the average price of 260,000THB/sq.m starting with a 33 sq.m suite, once you have decided you can be sure the money didn’t just stay still at all. It’s the best choice for both investment and asset purpose.


2. World class hospitality

Wouldn’t it be better to know that your life is in good hands? Here at Park Origin Thonglor, we provide the best hospitality management by Intercontinental Hotel to ensure that you can live the fullest life without worrying about anything involving the household involved. Imagine how beneficial it would be to buy a luxury condo and automatically get a professional hotel service from an international level hotel chain.


3. City center location

No one can deny that Thonglor is the representation of “City Lifestyle” When people think of sophisticated lifestyles they think of Thonglor. It’s a one stop area that you can access to high quality places such as Michelin star restaurants, blissful environment spas and beauty shops, high quality community malls, high standard hospitals, and hotspot nightclubs. There is no better place to live than the place that never stops.

Duo Space Thoglor


4. Timeless design

With the collaboration of well-known designers and architecture, Park Origin Thonglor has become the highest luxury condos in Sukhumvit – Thonglor area and we are beyond proud to present our building in the concept of “A Perfect Living Platform”. The combination between nature and technology which we are strongly believe that the balance of these two elements embrace the wise way of life. Our architecture is designed by Tandem Architects who has experience for over 600 projects since 2005. Interior design by DWP, design house known for worldwide partnership. Lastly, landscape design by Trop the studio with various projects throughout Asia.


5. Elevate your life with 60 facilities

The 3 buildings are separated into 3 key elements. First is for lifestyle, enhance your everyday life with facilities well designed for various types of interest such as the Crystal box, Private Theatre, Outdoor onsen, and Golf simulator. Second is for entertainment, experience the ultimate functions such as pool bar, game table, and sleep pod. Finally, the wellness facilities to de-stress your mind and body after work such as aqua bed, ice room, gym, and skyline sunset.

THE HIGHEST THE GREATEST คอนโดหรู “สูงที่สุด”ใจกลางทองหล่อ


To conclude, although the project seems too unreal to be true but the starting price is only 10.59 MB with duo space type which is not an unreachable price compared to the location and its unique layout. These 5 reasons aren’t enough to explain how well made this project is, the best way is to visit the sales gallery and experience with your own aspect.


For more information please visit https://park.co.th/park-origin-thonglor/ or call 020-300-0000